Devi Sukta - Verse III

अहं राष्ट्री सङ्गमनी वसूनां चिकितुषी प्रथमा यज्ञियानाम् । तां मा देवा व्यदधुः पुरुत्रा भूरिस्थात्रां भूर्यावेशयन्तीं ॥ ३॥

Verse III:

I am the Queen of the Universe; I give wealth to those who worship me. I am the all-knowing one and the prime one among the worshippable deities. I enter many bodies as the Atma, taking various forms and with different manifestations, in various ways. Hence, the Devas have incorporated me in various places.

Verse IV: मया सो अन्नमत्ति यो विपश्यति यः प्राणिति य ईं शृणोत्युक्तं । अमन्तवो मां त उप क्षियन्ति श्रुधि श्रुत श्रद्विवं ते वदामि ॥ ४॥

That one who eats food, who sees, breathes, and hears whatever is said, he does all that only through me (my powers). Those who do not understand me, die. O dear one ! (to the worshipper or devotee), hear this singing of mine with concentration.

DEVI AND HER DESCRIPTION The Maya and Brahma appear as two and hence all the differences, visible and invisible, have come forth. Only during the creation are these differences conceived. When everything melts away that i.e, there comes the Pralaya or general dissolution, then I am not female, I am not male, nor I am hermaphrodite. I then remain as Brahma with Maya latent in it. During the time of creation I am SHRI (wealth), BUDDHI (intellect), DHRITI (fortitude), SMRITI (recollection), SHRADDHA (faith), MEDHA (intelligence), DAYA (mercy), LAJJA ( modesty), KSHUDHA (hunger), THRISHNA (thirst), KSHAMA (forgiveness), AKSHAMA (non–forgiveness), KANTI (lustre), SHANTI (peace), PIPASHA (thirst), NIDRA (sleep), TANDRA (drowsiness), JARA (old age), AJARA (non old age), VIDYA(knowledge), AVIDYA (non-knowledge), SPRUHA (desires), SHAKTI (force), ASHAKTI (non-force), VASA ( fat), MAJJA (marrow), TVAK ( skin), DRISTI (sight), SATYAASATYA (true and untrue words) and it is I that become PARAA, MADHYAMAA, PASHYANTI etc., the innumerable NAADIS (tubular organs of the body. e.g., arteries veins, intestines, blood vessels, pulses etc) There are 35 millions of naadis.

NAAHAM STREE NA PUMAAN (devi bhagavatam -skanda-3, chapter-6,sloka-6) The description of Devi from head to foot as one of enrapturing and limitless beauty. Her dark hair is fragrant by nature, the Kasturi Tilakam shines on her forehead, her eyes are like fish playing in an ocean of loveliness, her nose screws are like stars and her ear-rings like the sun and the moon, her cheeks are like polished gems, her lips red like coral, her voice sweeter than the notes of Veena (musical instrument), her smile captivates the heart of Shiva; a crimson saree adorns her form, the nails of her feet shine like a row of gem-set lamps removing the darkness of ignorance from the hearts of those who make obeisance to her, she is seated on the left thigh of Kameshwara. Even the Hindu Trinity lords Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva is not capable to describe her exact form.

When Shiva is enjoined with Shakti, he is empowered to create. If the lord is not thus, he is indeed unable to even move. Hence how can one who has not performed meritorious deeds be capable of saluting or praising you, who is worshipped even by Hari, Hara, Virinchi and others. SHIVASSHAKTYAA YUKTO YADI BHAVATI SHAKTAH PRABHAVITUM- (Soundarya lahari sloka-1)With Wix Blog, you’re not only sharing your voice with the world, you can also grow an active online community. That’s why the Wix blog comes with a built-in members area - so that readers can easily sign easily up to become members of your blog.

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